The outcome of the project is to prove and validate the efficiency of bound4blue´s aspiring wingsail and kyma’s performance monitoring system adapted to sail-assisted fishing vessel owned by OR.PA.GU, in order to reduce fuel and pollutant emissions.

The expected results and impacts are:

  • Design and manufacture a low cost wind propulsion system.
  • Reach a very low maintenance cost for such a system.
  • Test the system in real environment.
  • Monitor the fuel savings and operational capabilities, reducing the fuel consumption for the shipowner while being under 4 years of payback period.
  • Contribute with a new product vision to reduce the environmental impact of the maritime transport industry.


This will increase the competitiveness of the European fishing industry (and the European maritime transport industry as well, since the solution is also suitable for merchant and passenger vessels), resulting in job creation, both at bound4blue and Kyma, as well as in the shipbuilding and repair sector, and their auxiliary companies.